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She was in that stage where the narrative of her life had broken down.

A writer's job, in the romantic notion, is to document chaos and to remind us that chaos exists--that the pretense of forward progress is a lie. That life is a crazy and a struggle and haunted.

If going public means you can't suffer perfectly normal growth spurts and plateaus in revenue without destroying employee morale, then is it really worth it?

What Sabeer [Bhatia] did was get everyone in the company totally focused: telling the same story, harmonizing. That's the essence of what a leader in this business does...getting everyone harmonized can make all the difference.

According to [Danny] Hillis, certain problems aren't solvable in three years, and it's people's nature not to work on problems they can't solve. If we can extend people's horizons, a whole range of challenges falls back into play. create and risk failing is the essence of being alive...

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All quotations copyright 1999 by Po Bronson. Quotations can be found on pages xxii, xxvi, 60, 88, 203, and 215 (respectively) of the 2000 paperback edition published by Broadway Books.