sig-o-matic I read I realized, "this would make a good .sig..." the...atmosphere of genteel money-worship, position-worship, and suffused indignation...

Let us ride over there tomorrow. I can show you a remarkable family of particoloured stoats, a congregation of stoats.

Any innocent pleasure is a real good: there are not so many of them.

I am opposed to authority, that egg of misery and oppression; I am opposed to it largely for what it does to those who exercise it.

...reflecting...upon the extraordinary loneliness surrounding each man; and on the inadequacy of language...

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All quotations copyright 1972 by Patrick O'Brian. Quotations can be found on pages 22, 44, 60, 234, and 347 (respectively) of the 1990 paperback edition published by W. W. Norton.